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Online Written Work & Lessons

This website is a dedicated area for students to record their classroom homework, internship experiences and reflective journals. It is a central place for teachers and students to work, any time, from any place.

Students will be able to monitor their own progress and results throughout the PY program.

The segments of this website are as follows: 

Professional Business Communications:

  • written work from the Case Studies at end of each Unit
  • Progress Tests at end of each Subject

Assessments and Self Assessments in Skills subjects:

  • Australian Business Culture
  • Achieving Career Success and
  • Australian Workplace Skills

Portfolio of Assignments, including:
- Australian Business Environment online lessons, Assessments and Self Assessments

  • Common Organisational Structures
  • Business Protocols, Etiquette & Ethics
  • Accounting Function as part of the Organisation
  • Policies and Procedures of an Organisation

Internship Evidence for:

  • Australian Business Environment
  • Achieving Career Success and
  • Australian Workplace Skills Reflective journals  

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OWL - Online Written Work & Lessons 

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